Amrendra is a man of passion and coach with understanding and insights. He is about to bring the way of transformation on the planet.
KP Singh
CEO  - Goodpick Technologies Pvt Ltd
Amrendra S. Kumar is a passionate motivational speaker. He is an IT engineer and while associated with reputed IT companies, he developed his aptitude towards motivational topics as he has been an intense reader of books written by a great philosopher like Vivekanand, Stephen R Covey, Socrates, Vedanta, and many more and then of Geeta and Ramayana. In today’s date, he has turned himself into a prolific motivational speaker. I attended his session on 360 degrees of leadership and to my dismay despite being Sunday on that day, I found the hall of 100 Numbers. capacity fully packed of the audience. The topic was so intriguing and he spoke on it with so much authority that everybody remained occupied on his seat. The interesting part was the reference he gave of the various verse of great philosophers from whom he is inspired and also the appropriate situations he cites to give a motivational solution. I really wish him all the best in his endeavour and he goes miles ahead as today people are so tense due to their living fast & competitive life that they need to listen his kind of motivational speaker to remain motivated.
Janmejay Sharma
Sr. DGM Finance  - Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
Amrendra is an amazing coach to take you to new levels forward in your professional and personal development. His unique 360-degree leadership program is very instrumental and effective in leading your life upfront. Author and Amateur Marathoner by passion.
Raj Kumar
Personnel & Administration  - Govt Telecom R&D organization
Teaching ability is not a small thing, in fact, a special quality which is a gift from almighty. Amrendra possesses all those abilities. The mediocre teachers tell. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires and that's what you are.!!
Jitendra Kumar
AGM Sales  - Dantal Hydraulics Pvt Ltd
It’s always so fantastic listening to Mr. Amrendra. His programs are very inspirational and enlightening.
Rakesh Shahi
MD  - Lifescience Intellipedia Pvt. Ltd.