“Re-engineer yourself”- Seminar:

Amrendra beats the conventional coaching approach by empowering clients by helping them to calibrate their perception in unique and tested ways creating an over lasting change. The objectives of “Re-engineer yourself” program are

1.Understand- What is 360-degree/total leadership and it influences on our life/business.
2. Understand – how perception is at the core of leadership and everything else flow out of it.
3. Understand- how calibrating perception with principles/Natural law can align everything (identity,
culture,beliefs,values,attitudes,behaviour) to be productive,excellent,efficient and effective.
4.Master the art of making powerful, timely and result oriented decisions to stop being mediocre and become the effective.
5.Re-engineer your brain to have laser focus, clarity of thoughts, and passion for future so that you live a life of achievements and excellent.

“Re-engineer Yourself”

Through his talks, Amrendra has inspired people to understand their uniqueness and massively transform their personal and professional lives. Be it one hours or 4 hours, his talks are powerful, invigorating, and result oriented, best suited for an internal strategy meeting, a conference, a conclave, or an annual celeberation to lift the spirits up!

His brilliance lies in the fact that he beautifully blends the desired outcome in simple yet extremely impactful stories resulting in a deeper connect with his audience. It is through his high energy and profound talks that he compels people to look within and realize their deepest strengths so that they become aware of the immense potential they hold.

Amrendra, never tries of using all his energies to create a world of power, victory, hope, and happiness. He is driven to create results for his audience through his talks and interaction on live podiums, You Tube, Facebook and other social mediums.