Amrendra S Kumar is a personal leadership coach. Over the last two years, hundreds of people have experienced a radical shift in their outlook through his unique “Re-engineer yourself” coaching programs. He believes that -no matter where you are stationed as a person or organization, you need to take/lead it to the next level of promising landscape and this is what leadership is all about. His mission is to help people stand out and leverage personal leadership to achieve worthwhile purposes through understanding and living principal centred personal leadership. Through his result-oriented programs, Amrendra S Kumar assists them to create a life full of passion, productivity, performance, excellence, and effectiveness. Through his talks, Amrendra S Kumar has inspired people to understand their uniqueness and massively transform their personal and professional lives. As a presenter, Amrendra S Kumar has the rare ability to electrify an audience yet deliver uncommonly original and useful insights that lead to the individual being the best version of themselves, productive, excellent, efficient, and effective. Amrendra S Kumar believes that everyone wants to live a life that matters. However, he/she is scared of stepping out of their comfort zone as it feels safe, breaking the barrier of his/her fear as it is familiar. And he/she needs a guide to collect the courage to breakthrough. Amrendra S Kumar, being a friend, a guide, goes with people and show them the way.

Amrendra S. Kumar holds B.E in E&E engineering and he is PMP certified. He is having more than eleven years of experience in organizations like, HCL, Orange business services, R systems and to name a few. He is a storyteller, keynote speaker, blogger, and founder of SL WisTemp Consulting. He conducts the seminar, workshop, and training on personal leadership through his unique and profound “Re-engineer yourself” programs.

“Re-engineer yourself”- Seminar:

Amrendra S  Kumar beats the conventional coaching approach by empowering clients by helping them to calibrate their perception in unique and tested ways creating an over lasting change.

You will also learn to:

  • Discover your identity, beliefs, values, and attitudes which may be holding you back in your life. And know how calibrating perception will get your identity, beliefs, values, and attitudes aligned to be more productive, excellent, efficient, and effective.
  • Master the art of making powerful, timely and result oriented decisions to stop being mediocre and become effective.
  • Re-engineer your brain to have laser focus, clarity of thoughts, and passion for future so that you live a life of achievements and excellence.